I keep saying as soon as we are done with this….life will slow down. But it doesn’t, it just stays at a constant speed of fast! Ryan and I couldn’t believe it when my app popped up and said your baby is 5 months old today! WHAT?!?! It doesn’t feel real. Maybe because those first three months were incredibly difficult and we kind of feel robbed of our time with him. We are trying to do our best to make up for that time. Ryan was so fortunate to get the entire month of April off for paternity leave and we are loving having him home all the time. I know many of you know that it’s Ryan’s eventual goal to work for himself and I was honestly not sure how it would work having him home so much, but let me tell you the boys have been so happy spending so much time with their Daddy and I have loved it too! We are going to miss him so much when he has to go back.

Anyway…you may have noticed that I missed blog posts for three and four months for Kellan. Actually you probably didn’t, but I did and I feel so bad. I just wasn’t in a place to write or even take pictures for that matter. I’m feeling much better these days and Kellan is doing so much better. I am beaming inside and out watching our little boy thrive. He had such a rough start and now he is cruising through at full speed.

We have so enjoyed witnessing this personality he has. Our Kellan is so sweet and so happy. He loves his family and he loves people. He smiles and laughs all the time (unless we are trying to get a photo) He is so much more gentle and methodical than Liam was as a baby. Correction, than Liam is still today. Love my bull in a china shop boy!

Kellan rolled over when he was three months for about a week and then stopped. He is just now trying to again but it is so hard because let’s be honest there is a lot of weight he has to get to turn over haha! He is our little chub for sure. Part of it is that those cysts and his large kidney make his abdomen wider and the simply thick we have to put in his formula makes all his food stay down. So not much is coming up! Thus producing those jiggly full cheeks and rolls of squishy yumminess. We have tried to have him grab his toes but with that big belly and short legs probably not happening anytime soon. He is so close to sitting up though. I bet he will within the month!

We have seen some progress and improvement in Kellan’s health which has been such an answered prayer. We had his ultrasound on his kidney cysts and they are shrinking. Slowly, but they are, which confirms no need for surgery in the foreseeable future. He will have to have a minor outpatient surgery as he gets closer to one years old for some other urology issues. He got his ear wells off. The right ear looks great the left is about 85% better which is still improvement. Im glad we did them even though the were a super pain. I think they had a lot to do with him not wanting to roll over for awhile. Which I totally get, they were in the way! He is STILL on oxygen at night and probably will be for awhile. He was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. The ENT put a scope up his nose and down his throat (fully awake) and didn’t see any blockage. His determination is that Kellan’s throat muscles relax so much when he gets into REM sleep that his muscles block his airway. They think he will grow out of it but we have to do a repeat sleep study in a few months to confirm he is doing better. I found a great tape that I use on him every night so he doesn’t have to wear the stickers all the time! We were given the ok to leave him off during the day because he usually only take a few thirty minute naps but praise Jesus this boy sleeps a solid 12 hours most nights. He does the occasional wake up but he is so easy to get back down. I would like to thank his big brother for constantly tiring him out.

Some other tid bits:

He loves his bunny and loves to sleep with it. I have to take it aways as soon as he falls asleep.

Barely uses his bubs anymore (pacifier).

LOVES his toys.

LOVES his bed.

Semi oblivious to Huxley.

Wiggles all the time, those legs are constantly going.

Cuddles with Momma.

He thinks the words “stinky booty” are hilarious!

He has quite the voice. Wraspy shrieks and lots of sweet babbling.

Not a fan of the bumbo.