My dear sweet husband tried for weeks to offer up different fun ideas to celebrate my birthday. The birthday weekend came and all I wanted to do was sleep. The exhaustion hit hard. But we still managed to get out and do a few fun things.

Kicked off the weekend with my favorite tradition, Snooze for the best pancake breakfast.

2016-09-16_0044 2016-09-16_00452016-09-16_0051

Liam was the sweetest trying to make the day so special for me. The boys made me breakfast and Liam made sure they sang “Happy Birthday” and was soooooo excited to give me my presents. 2016-09-16_0050 We spent the evening at The Cooke’s doing our fantasy draft…GO TEAM GIRLS!


On Sunday my family met us at wash park and we just had a wonderfully relaxing afternoon. 2016-09-16_0001 2016-09-16_00022016-09-16_0003 Loving on Uncle Jon. 2016-09-16_0004 2016-09-16_0005 2016-09-16_0006 2016-09-16_0007 2016-09-16_0008 2016-09-16_0009 2016-09-16_0010 2016-09-16_0011 2016-09-16_0012 2016-09-16_0013 The flowers were soooooo beautiful! Such vibrant colors that day. 2016-09-16_0014 2016-09-16_0015 2016-09-16_0016 2016-09-16_0017 2016-09-16_0018 2016-09-16_0019 2016-09-16_0020 2016-09-16_0021 2016-09-16_0022 2016-09-16_0023 2016-09-16_0024 2016-09-16_0025 2016-09-16_0026 2016-09-16_0027 2016-09-16_0028 2016-09-16_0029 2016-09-16_0030 2016-09-16_0031 2016-09-16_0032 “Mom can I have a snack”
2016-09-16_0033 Minutes after the banana….Jon opens chicken….2016-09-16_0034 Liam sees chicken….2016-09-16_0035 Liam eats the chicken…2016-09-16_0036 Liam sees and devours cookies. This kid is a bottomless pit. 2016-09-16_0037 2016-09-16_0038 2016-09-16_0039 2016-09-16_0040 Telling Papa secrets. 2016-09-16_0041 2016-09-16_0042 2016-09-16_0043 He has been super into football this year. Ryan is loving it. 2016-09-16_0046 Best little present helper there is. 2016-09-16_0047 2016-09-16_0048 I love this picture. Kellan knows their voices so well. He always responds to them. 2016-09-16_0049