Liam likes, no loves, no is obsessed with dogs. Anytime he sees one he is just completely mesmerized and is adamant about getting close.

This has been annoying and has struck great fear in me because he just wants to go up to and hug any dog he meets. I obviously know that dangers that come along with getting close to a strange or even well known dog, especially when you are climbing all over them.

Huxley is no help. He lets Liam climb on him, lay on him, cover him with blankets and pillows, and put toys all over him. So now Liam thinks all dogs will let him do those same things.

So we have been working incredibly hard to teach Liam appropriate behaviors to conduct when he is around pets. I’m so afraid that he will get bit one day!! Any tips you have would be welcome.

Toddler with Mini Australian Shepherd

A boy and his dog

Although Huxley is usually annoyed with Liam’s silly antics, I think he secretly enjoys it too. He just lays there when he could easily go somewhere else in the house. And sometimes when he thinks I’m not looking, I have seen him sneak a few sweet kisses to Liam.

My other favorite thing he does lately is when I tell Liam to go pick out a book (before nap or bedtime), Huxley always beats us to Liam’s room and lays on the floor to hear the story too! How sweet!