The past few weeks have had some major emotional highs and lows. As we knew since 20 weeks Kellan has multi dysplastic kidney. He has several large cysts covering his left kidney leaving it non-functioning. At our specialist check up they confirmed the cysts are continuing to get larger. They wont stop growing until he in no longer in utero. I’m not sure what this means for when they will want me to deliver. The cysts are causing his stomach to measure larger because they are so big compared to his little body. I read about and then spoke with the specialist about some of the tests he might have undergo once he is born and they are very uncomfortable. It just makes my heart break to think of him having to go through all of this. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for him. Please keep them coming. We were unable to get any good face photos that day because he wanted to be shy as usual and stuck his foot in front of his face, which was adorable. He has hair! I’m just getting so anxious to see his sweet face in person so I can kiss it a billion times! Because of his measurement this estimated he is already 6lbs!!!! Ugh these big boys!

He just keeps sinking lower and lower as you can see from the photos below. While this has been great for breathing room it has not been so great for all of the pelvic pressure. TMI ahead…but I can barely walk sometimes and sitting with my legs together is extremely difficult!

We ended up going to the hospital on Tuesday night. I have been having pretty steady and strong braxton hicks contractions and that has been causing me to have these weird head rushes and what I thought was heart palpitations. On Tuesday it felt like my heart was beating out of my chest all day. Ryan finally made me call the doc and she had me go in as a better safe than sorry check. Luckily everything was fine! Just had to spending an annoyingly long time in the ER.

He is still moving a ton! Less kicks and much more rolling and trying to get comfortable! I have been trying to get everything ready for this boy to come. I have lists all over the house. Liam has taken a sudden turn for emotionalville which has been hard to deal with. Not sure if the reality of all of this is just hitting him or what. He has been crying that he doesn’t want a brother and he wants a sister! WHAT?!?! Not sure how to handle this but trying my best to be understanding of his feelings and just love on him!

Despite the chaos we are getting so excited and let’s be honest a little nervous for all the amazing change coming our way. I’m feeling all the feels. Literally. Every emotion, I’m feeling it.
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