Trying to get this up before 37 weeks rolls in!

36 weeks feels like such an accomplishment to me, because this is getting hard…really really hard. I think I just suck at being pregnant. Let’s chalk it up to that. Or I’m a complete baby? My everything hurts. Inside and out. Also, I have zero patience. I just want him here now.

Last week we had two appointments one at the ob and one at the specialist. I love the ob office I go to now (Thanks Ash). They have the most amazing ultrasound machine. It’s incredible getting to see his face so clearly. Those cheeks and lips are so plump and squish-able already. Can’t wait to kiss them in person. As for the info…I’m measuring on time, was not dilated but my cervix is way low….which I could have told her without even checking. I will be very surprised if I’m not dilated by this next appointment.

I was a little nervous going to our specialist appointment. Every time we have gone in, they tell us how much more the cysts on his kidney have grown. I was just dreading hearing it again. Though, that was not the case this time. YOU GUYS…….they actually shrunk!!! Not by a lot but still. The doctor says she thinks they reached their peak and will probably start to decrease, especially once he is out of me. Not sure what that means for surgery. That will just have to be a wait and see thing. Thank you all for your prayers….please keep them coming, they are working. His measurements are off because his stomach is measuring larger due to the size of the cysts but everything else seemed to be right on track. I don’t think he will be as big as Liam but then again you never know. They estimated his weight at 7lbs 14 oz already. Like I have said before….we make em big. He is also laying posterior (face up) but head down. This is starting to cause some major back pain.  He is also super scrunched because the placenta is taking up the whole left side of my belly and he is stuck on the right folded in half. We have photos of his toes in his face.

I was on cloud 9 from the good news and getting to see him. Maybe all the excitement and joy did something to me because I have been having contractions for days now. Lower back and pelvis pains that shoot into my legs. Constant head rushes and more heart palpations with every contraction. I’m guessing it is all just false labor symptoms but man are they kicking my butt. Pretty sure I made my last trip to target this morning. I could barely get it done. Amazon Prime and Clicklist from here on out. I made to three houses trick or treating tonight. Kinda ready to become a shut in for the next two weeks.

Here are some more photos of this growing bump from this past week. Don’t know how many more I will take….my cheeks are getting pretty squish-able themselves. Both sets 😉

2016-10-31_0014 2016-10-31_0015 2016-10-31_0016 2016-10-31_0017 2016-10-31_0018 2016-10-31_0019 2016-10-31_0020 2016-10-31_0021 2016-10-31_0022