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Christmas Photoshoot.

Boys Birthday Party.

Kellan Turns 1.

Kellan 10 months.

Kellan 9 months.

Kellan 8 months.

I didn’t do a written update for Kellan for 7 months so I’m trying to make an effort for 8! Sorry kiddo life is just so much more…

Kellan 7 months.

Kellan 6 Months.

Getting this post up 1 day before he turns 7 months! Still 6 months…it counts. 6 months brought more ups and downs. Far more ups than in the…

Kellan: 5 months.

I keep saying as soon as we are done with this….life will slow down. But it doesn’t, it just stays at a constant speed of fast! Ryan and…

Survival Mode.

Thank you all for praying for Kellan and for us. Ryan and I are just running on fumes trying to keep this family of ours pressing forward. There…

BIG brother.

Lately, I have been forgetting that this guy is ONLY 4. He is seeming more and more like big boy everyday. I feel like toddlerhood came and went….

Kellan: Two Months

Ok everyone this is going to be a very looooooong, very honest post. This has been an intense and deeply difficult month to say the least. Our sweet…