After Liam woke up from his nap the other day we went outsidein our front yard for some fresh air. We have been battling a silly cold that will not go away since we got home from vacation so I thought the outdoors would do us some good. The light was incredible so I decided to grab the camera! (Side note my phone took a swim in my purse (don’t ask) so I have been using my iphone 4 which has a crappy broken camera, forcing me to use my real camera more…which I like!) Anyway, I just had to share because my babies are just so beautiful! 2014-10-20_0001 2014-10-20_0002
2014-10-20_0004 2014-10-20_0005 2014-10-20_0006 2014-10-20_0007 2014-10-20_0008 2014-10-20_0009 2014-10-20_0010 2014-10-20_0011 2014-10-20_0012

I love the faces he makes when he is passionatley talking about something, which is usually everything.

2014-10-20_0013 2014-10-20_0014 2014-10-20_0015 2014-10-20_0016

Sometimes I can’t believe this tiny human is mine. He is just so perfect.

2014-10-20_0017 2014-10-20_0018 2014-10-20_0019