These two are inseparable when we are home. 2014-12-13_0062 2014-12-13_0063 Getting Chirstmas-ey up in here. 2014-12-13_0064 Liam now calls him ted-Day2014-12-13_0065 2014-12-13_0066 He is seriously the most handsome kid I have ever seen. 2014-12-13_0067

This one too….Cooke’s good thing we had boys first. 2014-12-13_0068 Terrified. Probably last Santa photo for this one. 2014-12-13_0069 2014-12-13_0070

I love him so….2014-12-13_0071 Him too….2014-12-13_0072
2014-12-13_0074 How he insisted on watching the parade. 2014-12-13_0075 2014-12-13_0076 2014-12-13_0077 Ok did he just skip the toddler phase all together. Stop Liam, stop getting so big!2014-12-13_0078 Liam and I spent the day making ornaments. I love starting traditions with him. 2014-12-13_0079 2014-12-13_0080 2014-12-13_0081 2014-12-13_0082

I ask him “Liam what is Christmas about?” Liam “Jesus’s Birthday!!” 2014-12-13_0083 McCooke School.2014-12-13_0084 2014-12-13_0085 2014-12-13_0086 Girls night! 2014-12-13_0087 Celebrating Ryan’s 35th birthday at Zoo Lights! Thanks to everyone who came out….sorry it was insanely busy and we lost all of you hahah!2014-12-13_0088 2014-12-13_0089 2014-12-13_0090 2014-12-13_0091 2014-12-13_0092 2014-12-13_0093 2014-12-13_0094 2014-12-13_0095 2014-12-13_0096 2014-12-13_0097 2014-12-13_0098 2014-12-13_0099 2014-12-13_0100 I have loved loved loved being in MOPS. It has been life changing for me and I have met some incredible women! So thankful for this group. This is from our christmas jammie party at Mandy’s house!2014-12-13_0101 Mess free painting. 2014-12-13_0102Came out of our room in Daddy’s hat laughing!
2014-12-13_0104 2014-12-13_0105 My favorite view from the kitchen. 2014-12-13_0106 2014-12-13_0107#twinning with Vanessa! 3D church women’s bible study party!
2014-12-13_0108 2014-12-13_0109 2014-12-13_0110 2014-12-13_0111 We wrapped up our last class for this first semester of homeschooling the boys. It has been so awesome for them and us. I’m really proud of Ashley and I for sticking with it! Now to prepare for second semester!2014-12-13_0112 My heart skipped a beat.2014-12-13_0113 2014-12-13_0114 2014-12-13_0115 2014-12-13_0116 I hope Liam remembers things like this. What a great Daddy he has. 2014-12-13_0117 2014-12-13_0118

Oh side note…I don’t beat my kid…he hurts himself everyday. If you have spent time with him you have seen him in action. Glad I have witnesses.

2014-12-13_0119 2014-12-13_0120Saturdays are the best!!