2015-05-16_0001Bowling for Dad’s birthday.
2015-05-16_0002 2015-05-16_0003 What you get when Nonnie takes you easter basket shopping. 2015-05-16_0004 2015-05-16_0005 Scooter time.2015-05-16_0006 South Table Mesa Hike for Justin’s birthday…2015-05-16_0007 2015-05-16_0008 2015-05-16_0009 Wash Park later that day.2015-05-16_0010 2015-05-16_0011 2015-05-16_0012 Ryan playing the keys for church.2015-05-16_0013 He loves the mini grocery carts at the new King Soopers. 2015-05-16_0014 First dentist appointment. They were so impressed with his little chompers. He is such a great little brusher. I was a little nervous he wasn’t going to like the dentist but he LOVED it! 2015-05-16_0015 This is what he wanted to wear out to dinner. NOPE.2015-05-16_0016 Got to ride with Papa in the Limo. Liam thought it was so cool. 2015-05-16_0017 2015-05-16_0018 2015-05-16_0019Working hard while I fold laundry.
2015-05-16_0021 2015-05-16_0022 Running next to Cherry Creek res.2015-05-16_0023 Field trip to the Botanic Gardens.2015-05-16_0024 2015-05-16_0025 2015-05-16_0026 2015-05-16_0027 2015-05-16_0028 2015-05-16_0029 Love our life group!2015-05-16_0030 2015-05-16_0031 2015-05-16_0032 We had a fabulous date day thanks to our best friends. 2015-05-16_0033 2015-05-16_0034 Bout to get our massage on!2015-05-16_0035 Love when I’m getting ready and he is playing at my feet. I try to soak up moments like this because one day he won’t do things like this anymore. 2015-05-16_0036 He loves to check out books at the library!2015-05-16_0037 Matchy matchy.2015-05-16_0038 2015-05-16_0039 2015-05-16_0040 2015-05-16_0041 2015-05-16_0042 Playing soccer with Uncle Jon!2015-05-16_0043 He came to me with ryan’s shirt on and said “I look like Daddy!”2015-05-16_0044 2015-05-16_0045 2015-05-16_0046 This is what going to dinner with granparents looks like. They brought a bag of cars and bought him dirt n’ worms for dessert.2015-05-16_0047 I love this for some many reasons…but most of all that Liam can be with both of his grandparents at the same time. There was a long time in my life where I thought this image would never be possible. 2015-05-16_0048 Adding new cousins!!2015-05-16_0049 Ok….now this blew me away. I helped teach Liam’s Sunday school class a few weeks back and as I was helping put names on everyones paper I came back to find that Liam did this ^^ 2015-05-16_0050 Playgroup with our mops table. 2015-05-16_0051 Trying on a tux for my cousin’s wedding he will be in this summer. That pointed toe. 2015-05-16_0052 2015-05-16_0053 2015-05-16_0054 You guys…our poor tree. we were devastated about this..I actually cried. That tree is my favorite thing about our yard. They trimmed it down in hope we can save it but right now it looks like a charlie brown tree. 2015-05-16_0055This all had to be hauled away.
2015-05-16_0056 I got sick for a week straight…this poor kid was sooooooo bored. 2015-05-16_0057 2015-05-16_0058 Dinner with our lifegroup.2015-05-16_0059 Happy Birthday Nonnie. Gosh she is stunning!2015-05-16_0060 Yay finally coming together!2015-05-16_0061 2015-05-16_0062 Erin came over to watch Liam so we could have a night out. She is seriously the BEST auntie in the whole world. Loved getting photos of all the fun things they were doing. 2015-05-16_0063 When your highschool dreams come true. Had a drink and a chat with my favorite band from highschool, Cartel.2015-05-16_0064 Met some sweet fellow fans.2015-05-16_0065 Ran into drummer Josh! 2015-05-16_0066 2015-05-16_0067 2015-05-16_0068 Sweaty but having a blast!2015-05-16_0069 2015-05-16_0070 2015-05-16_0071 Sean and I would listen to Cartel on repeat in highschool. It was so meaningful to me that he got to come to the show with us. 2015-05-16_0072“take my picture Mommy”