Summer catch up!2015-08-17_0001 Ryan got off early one Friday, so we went to the Zoo. Had it pretty much to ourselves!2015-08-17_0002 2015-08-17_0003 2015-08-17_0004 2015-08-17_0005 2015-08-17_0006 Then we came home and had root beer floats on the front porch. 2015-08-17_0007 2015-08-17_0008 2015-08-17_0009 2015-08-17_0010 This boy and his bug box. 2015-08-17_0011 We are entering the super hero phase. I can feel it. 2015-08-17_0012 2015-08-17_0013 We celebrated Liam’s first week of potty training! Wahoo! 2015-08-17_0014 Liam’s first movie! We went to see Inside Out. He did so good. Auntie Erin came with us. 2015-08-17_0015 2015-08-17_0016 Playing at MOPS playgroup2015-08-17_0017 2015-08-17_0018 2015-08-17_0019 Katie’s bachelorette party.2015-08-17_0020 2015-08-17_0021 With the best driver in town. 2015-08-17_0022 2015-08-17_0023Bachelorette parties two nights in a row. That was intense and I felt very old.2015-08-17_0024 We went to have sushi with Nonnie and saw a movie afterwards.2015-08-17_0025 2015-08-17_0026 The day he told me he wanted to marry me. 2015-08-17_0027 Evening sky during our walk.2015-08-17_0028 Sweet bedtime talks. 2015-08-17_0029 2015-08-17_0030 2015-08-17_0031 2015-08-17_0032 2015-08-17_0033 2015-08-17_0034 2015-08-17_0035 2015-08-17_0036 2015-08-17_0037 2015-08-17_0038 2015-08-17_0039 2015-08-17_0040 2015-08-17_0041 2015-08-17_0042 2015-08-17_0043 2015-08-17_0044 2015-08-17_0045 View in grand lake. 2015-08-17_0046 Heading into Rocky Mountain National Park.2015-08-17_0047 2015-08-17_0048 2015-08-17_0049 2015-08-17_0050my little photographer.
2015-08-17_0051 What doggy daydreams are made of. 2015-08-17_0052 2015-08-17_0053 2015-08-17_0054 Some selfies from LB and Taylor’s wedding. 2015-08-17_0055 2015-08-17_0056 Zoo day with Nonnie. This succulent garden was incredible!2015-08-17_0057 2015-08-17_0058 2015-08-17_0059 2015-08-17_0060 Peaking in on the sheep. Littleton Museum for playgroup.2015-08-17_0061 They asked if they could give him a piece of candy. Next thing I know he has this giant lollipop! 2015-08-17_0062 2015-08-17_0063 Liam joined the 1,000 books before kindergarten club at the library. 2015-08-17_0064 2015-08-17_0065 Just chatting at breakfast.2015-08-17_0066 I am obsessed with these overnight oats.2015-08-17_0067 First day of gymnastics. I was blown away by his listening skills and how well he followed his coaches directions. Not mention this kid is naturally athletic.2015-08-17_0068 2015-08-17_0069 2015-08-17_0070 2015-08-17_0071 So we decided to finish the basement, which means our house is in disarray again. Set up a little office space in the living room. Liam is doing really well learning how to use the computer. 2015-08-17_0072 Napping toes.