He will always look up to you.  Pulmonary Clinic visit at Children’s.  Playing at Mission. Brenden’s Birthday. NYE 2016 THE CHEEKS! Aquariuam. Kellan’s first movie, Moana….slept the whole time. Playing “lake” This smile. Liam got to bring home Hedgie and got to be the apple of God’s eye at school for the week. Getting decoration’s for Liam’s poster. Family cuddles.
Jess and Jon got Liam a build a bear gift card for Christmas…so we went all together and he made Guy Diamond from Trolls.
These two! Kellan loves his papa for sure! Heeeeellooooo bright eyes. Day of his swallow study. I love exploring with my babies.  First trim! Had to…the hair on the sides of his hair was starting to grow over his ears.
Nakey baby. Always teaching. Hux, you are the greatest dog ever. Liam is into power rangers….and I’m ok with that. Mac store…..Liam was here. IKEA Sweet mornings.
This will always make my hear flutter. What a hunk I have for a husband.  Airplane! These dark eyelashes. Ok….he might take his bubs on his first date. Teaching ma and pa. Sundae on Sunday.
He LOVES books!!!!
MOPS night. Big brother hand me downs. Go back to this post to see Liam in this same outfit!
That time I lost my wallet, almost gave myself a heart attack and then found it in Liam’s back pack. UGH. Hit a major happy stage!
I might eat him he is sooooo cute. Kellan’s new du rag….super grateful for this hat! Keeps his oxygen on at night and we dot have to use the stupid stickers! Jess is engaged!!!

Checking out the snow sculptures. Stuffed him in this one more time. My boy is growing!!!He is always so helpful.