This iPhone dump is going all the way back to New Year’s so bare with me.2015-03-09_0003 Celebrated New’s at the Cooke’s old house! They made a slideshow video of our year which was so awesome to watch! 2015-03-09_0004 2015-03-09_0005 We only made it till 9 but the boys loved the confetti and drinking sparkling cider out of sippy cups! 2015-03-09_0006 2015-03-09_0007 2015-03-09_0008 2015-03-09_0009 2015-03-09_0010 2015-03-09_0011 After finishing our transporation unit, we took a field trip to the transportation museum in Denver. The boys absolutely loved it.2015-03-09_0012 2015-03-09_0013 2015-03-09_0014 2015-03-09_0015 2015-03-09_0016 2015-03-09_0017 2015-03-09_0018 Outside of Library. 2015-03-09_0019 2015-03-09_0020 So….Liam is very interested in little girls. I will never ever forget this day. This little girl ran past him and he just reached out and touched her shirt. I told him we can’t just touch people but you can say nice words. He went up to her and told her “Pretty shirt” then pointed at himself (at the time he referred to himself as you) “You Liam Michael MaCarfy” it was the sweetest and most endearing little thing I had ever seen. Since that day…every girl that comes his way he compliments and then introduces himself. Such a little gentleman. 2015-03-09_0021 2015-03-09_0022 2015-03-09_0023 2015-03-09_0024 2015-03-09_0025
2015-03-09_0027 He loves this book that Nonnie got him.2015-03-09_0028

Bowling for the first time for Aunt Kelli’s birthday. 2015-03-09_0030 Picked up Ashley and Kason and we basically had on the same outfit. 2015-03-09_0031 These two fast asleep.2015-03-09_0032 Girls night in the Highlands. 2015-03-09_0033 2015-03-09_0034 2015-03-09_0035 2015-03-09_0036 The day I tokk these of him I remember thinking how did he get this big? It has all just gone so fast. 2015-03-09_0037 This week I had been informed from the police that they found my Step Father Scott, deceased in his home. He had a heart attack in his chair watching a movie. They are fairly certain he did not suffer. It seemed like he passed in his sleep. Scott has not been in my life for the past few years due to not being with my mom anymore, however Scott helped raise me most of life. He loved me very much and I just felt so heartbroken I didn’t have a chance to tell him how grateful I was and that I loved him too. I know he is with Jesus and that is what it getting me through.2015-03-09_0038 2015-03-09_0039 2015-03-09_0040 2015-03-09_0041 Under the ocean unit.2015-03-09_0042 2015-03-09_0043 Those little lips!!!2015-03-09_0044 2015-03-09_0045 He is an excellent bubble blower.2015-03-09_0046 At Nonnie and Papa’s house. My dad got him this whole little set up. 2015-03-09_0047 Upstairs circus for Vanessa’s birthday~ so much fun!2015-03-09_0048 Ugh my poor baby so sick. Huxley rarely left his side.2015-03-09_0049 2015-03-09_0050 2015-03-09_0051 Liam is a pure hearted Disney kid. This is what he wanted to help feel better. 2015-03-09_0052 He sings his heart out and I love it. He likes to sing ABC’s, The itsy bitsy spider, and Let it Go.2015-03-09_0053Visiting my cousin’s little girl, Aubrey, at my grandmother’s house. They were so cute together! She is 6 months older than Liam.