2015-03-15_0007 2015-03-15_0009 With his Auntie Erin.2015-03-15_0010 Sean and Kortnee brought him this Lightning McQueen sandwhich cutter. If he is eating bread it now has to be Lightning McQueen! 2015-03-15_0011 I thought he was getting an ear infection..turned out to be his two year molars coming in. He was obsessed with this dino room at the doctor’s.2015-03-15_0008 2015-03-15_0017Wild Lunch.
2015-03-15_0012 Starting to work on a little office space for myself. 2015-03-15_0013 Spur of the moment trip to the Museum and Zoo!2015-03-15_0016 2015-03-15_0015 2015-03-15_0014 2015-03-15_0028 Every time we exit off 225 onto Parker Liam squels when he sees the light rail. He has been asking to go on it forever. So we spent a whole Saturday riding it downtown and doing some exploring. He is the best to take on Adventures!2015-03-15_0027 2015-03-15_0018 2015-03-15_0023 2015-03-15_0025
2015-03-15_0020 2015-03-15_0021 2015-03-15_0022 2015-03-15_0024 2015-03-15_00262015-03-15_0029Game night at the Kruse’s!


Paul cheats.2015-03-15_0031I love that he is getting to this stage of wanting to dress up and perform. 2015-03-15_00322015-03-15_0033Afternoon snuggles with my babies. 
2015-03-15_00352015-03-15_00342015-03-15_0036Spent Saturday morning celebrating Erin’s birthday. We had brunch at the Egg and I and then roamed Cabela’s. Liam’s second favorite place next to Disneyland.