Getting this post up 1 day before he turns 7 months! Still 6 months…it counts.

6 months brought more ups and downs. Far more ups than in the months past, which we are so happy about. I finally feel like we are back in the groove of life. When we had Liam I felt like it took a solid three months to adjust to a new person in our lives and with Kellan it has just taken longer. I’m sure all of the medical stuff was the reason why. But I just cant imagine our lives without him in it. Liam is very attached to him and that has just made my heart swell bigger than I ever thought it could.

This month Kellan conquered sitting up and rolling over. He is definitely not as physical as Liam was but he is so verbal! Already repeating sounds and saying words. He says mama and we are convinced he says brubba to Liam. When you ask him to clap he slaps his legs and chuckles. He knows where his toes are when you ask him to touch them. He looks for Huxley when I ask him where he is and smiles when he lays eyes on him.

He loves people! Smiles at everyone. Daddy of course gets the biggest laughs. Sometimes he starts laughing the second Ryan walks in the room. I love that he thinks his Dad is sooooo funny. He is more of a momma’s boy than Liam but I am secretly loving that.

We switched pediatricians and I’m feeling so much better about that. I finally felt heard and that my concerns were validated. Ever since we went, he seems to be doing much better. We took him off the simply thick and reflux meds. So that’s two things were done with. He still has some oxygen desaturations and is still dealing with a lot of congestion but I’m on it and trying everything to help.

Those cheeks! That bod. Get your nuts outta my face.  I could have swore he was teethining but nothing yet! Quit taking photos of me I’m tired Mom! Just perfect in everyway. I love you Kellan Cole.