I didn’t do a written update for Kellan for 7 months so I’m trying to make an effort for 8! Sorry kiddo life is just so much more busy with two of you!

Health update first. Kellan has grown out of a lot of his issues. We took him off the simply thick, of his reflux meds, and off OXYGEN!!! We are beyond thrilled to be done with all of that, and so is Kellan. Its like he has had an awakening. He is much more happy, vibrant, and determined. Our sweet boy has had to deal with so much and he has overcome everything. Last week I took him to the endocrinologist and they took some blood to make sure everything is ok with his thyroid and hormones. We are still waiting on a few tests but everything that has come back so far has been good. Kellan is on the extremely short side in length and the pretty chunky side for weight. Docs are not worried and keep reassuring me that he will balance out.

Kellan is finally on a daily schedule which is so nice for the rest of us. I feel that when Liam goes back to school in a few weeks his routine will sync up nicely (hopefully). He is a solid eater just like his big bro. He has never refused anything I have given him and we have tried a lot! The kid loves broccoli! He has a super great pincer grasp and loves picking up his own little bits of food. We let him try some beans and rice from chipotle yesterday and he picked up every little piece. We are working on using the sippy cup. I’m hoping to take away the bottles sooner than I did with Liam.

At 8 months Kellan has one tooth, he is army crawling/scooting/rolling, and scooting backwards on his head to get around. Just in the past week he has really tried to pull himself up. He is not quite there but will be soon. Same with crawling. Poor guy he just a has a lot of weight to get up! His hair gets super curly when it gets wet and has some wave in it when it’s dry. It’s super coarse and much thicker than Liam’s was, darker too! He is waving Hi and Bye. Kellan is in the beginning stages of signing more and clapping. When I ask him to clap he is now bringing his hands together instead of slapping his legs like he was last month.

His favorite song: “If you’re happy and you know it”

Favorite books: “That’s not my Puppy,” “Dada,” and anything with Elmo

Favorite hobby: Going after whatever brother is playing with and going from sitting to his tummy.

Favorite toys: Cars, the little people at Ma’s house and whatever Liam has in his hands.

Loves: Watching Liam, Huxley’s toes, Elmo, bathtime and eating.

Hates: Going to target, waiting for food, and the sun shining on his face.