Our family grew from three to four on November 16, 2016. At 7:50 am Kellan Cole McCarthy entered this world with a blasting pair of lungs. He weighed 7lbs 15 ounces and was 20.25 inches long.

Kellan is our missing piece. He is absolute heaven and my heart doubled in size the moment they placed him on my chest and he stopped crying to take a deep sigh of relief and snuggle against me. There was an immediate connection and I tried to take in every single second of those first moments holding this beautiful boy with my loving husband at my side holding us both.
2016-11-29_0001 Last bump picture. 4:30 a.m.

I was extremely nervous in the hours before my c section. More for the spinal than anything else. I kept trying to think about what I could concentrate on so I could distract my mind while they were going to administer it.  We arrived to the hospital at 5:15 in the morning. Thankfully my parents met us there which made me feel more secure because you never stop needing your mom and dad. 2016-11-29_0065

They took me back to the prep room and got my iv and fluid going. The nurse who put my iv in was amazing!  We were determined to have Ryan accompany me into the OR for the spinal and everyone said it was fine until the anesthesiologist came in. He said they normally don’t let husbands come in…. but because I had such a horrible experience the first time they would make an exception. I was so relieved. 2016-11-29_0002 I mean look at him, practically a doctor! 2016-11-29_0003My look happy, nervous beyond belief, swollen face.

The time came and they walked me into that cold brightly lit room. I sat on the table and bent over holding Ryan’s hand extremely tight. I closed my eyes and all I could think of was my Liam. His smile, his dimples, the sweet way his face lit up when his class sang him happy birthday. I was instantly calm, just in time for the anesthesiologist to say he was finished. Barely felt a thing. Sweet relief! 2016-11-29_0004 2016-11-29_0005They immediately went to work and within minutes I heard the sweetest cry next to the first time I heard Liam. They cleaned him off, weighed him and brought him to my chest. I was so glad I was able to hold him right away.
2016-11-29_0007 2016-11-29_0008 2016-11-29_0009 2016-11-29_0010 2016-11-29_0011 The hand holding with Daddy…be still my heart. 2016-11-29_0012 2016-11-29_0013 2016-11-29_0014 2016-11-29_0015 2016-11-29_0016 2016-11-29_0017 2016-11-29_0018 2016-11-29_0019 2016-11-29_0020 2016-11-29_0021 2016-11-29_0022Kellan, I love you so much.
2016-11-29_0023 I will cherish this photo always!2016-11-29_00242016-11-29_0067 I love seeing this man hold our babies! What an amazing husband I have!2016-11-29_0066 2016-11-29_0068 2016-11-29_0047 Such a squishy snuggler!2016-11-29_0025My mom getting to hold him for this first time!
2016-11-29_0026 2016-11-29_0027 2016-11-29_0028 I have been able to spend so much time with my dad since he been unable to work. Kellan knows his voice! Instant bond with these two!
2016-11-29_0029 2016-11-29_0030 2016-11-29_0031 We recorded Liam coming in to meet him with just us. Right away he was loving on him! He was so excited to meet his baby brother! 2016-11-29_0032 2016-11-29_0033 2016-11-29_0034 2016-11-29_0035 Kellan’s Godparents, Uncle Jon and Auntie Jessica. 2016-11-29_0036 Look how happy Kellan looks with him.
2016-11-29_0037 2016-11-29_0038 2016-11-29_0039 2016-11-29_0040 Kellan will quickly learn Ma and Pa’s house is one of the greatest places on earth next to Disneyland. At least that’s what Liam will tell you.2016-11-29_0041 2016-11-29_0042 2016-11-29_0043 Papa and Nonnie time! Love seeing my parents with my babies!
2016-11-29_0071 My everything.2016-11-29_0044 2016-11-29_0045 2016-11-29_0046 First family photo!!2016-11-29_0069 I am the most proud Mommy! What special little boys God has given me. This was one of the greatest moments of my life.2016-11-29_0070 2016-11-29_0072 2016-11-29_0048 2016-11-29_0049 2016-11-29_0050 2016-11-29_0051 2016-11-29_0052 2016-11-29_0053 2016-11-29_0054 He may have had darker features…but the Irish is still strong in this one. Look at the leprechaun ear point. 2016-11-29_0055 2016-11-29_0056 Fist bath…not loving it.2016-11-29_0057 2016-11-29_0058 Kellan you don’t even know what great adventures lay ahead of you with your Auntie Erin.
2016-11-29_0059 2016-11-29_0060 2016-11-29_0061 2016-11-29_0062 Missing lil D…only siblings were allowed in. Cant wait for him to meet her. 2016-11-29_0063 2016-11-29_0064That happy Pa smile 🙂