This first month came and went. It has just been a blur of sleepless nights, baby cuddles, doctors appointments, more baby cuddles and endless amounts of laundry. We have already learned that Kellan and Liam are polar opposites. What worked for Liam does not work for Kellan. It’s a whole new learning process for Ryan and I. A new set of challenges for sure. Kellan is starting to resemble Liam as a baby. Their mouths and chins are different but you can tell they are brothers. They even lost their hair in the same place during the same week. Rocking the little old man hair style.



Being with Mommy

Wubanub (which Liam nicknamed his “Bubs”)

Liam making lots of noise

The few times we have left the house.


Classical Music

Sleeping on Daddy’s chest

Rock N Play for a short while



Mommy not getting food in his mouth quick enough

The Oxygen tubes (we all hate them)


Getting dressed


The Swing/Bouncer

I took these photos during some cord breaks from the oxygen which is few and far between. I will be honest in saying I really want to remember him this way and not with the tubes blocking his sweet face. More to come on that…

2016-12-22_0001 2016-12-22_0002 2016-12-22_0003 2016-12-22_0004 2016-12-22_0005 2016-12-22_0006 2016-12-22_0007 2016-12-22_0008 2016-12-22_0009 2016-12-22_0010 2016-12-22_0011 2016-12-22_0012 2016-12-24_0001 The squish!2016-12-24_0002 2016-12-24_0003 2016-12-27_0001 2016-12-27_0002 2016-12-24_0006 2016-12-27_0003 2016-12-24_0009 2016-12-24_0010 Oh hey mom, I was sleeping.2016-12-24_0011 2016-12-24_0012Not a fan of the bunny photo…maybe next month?