Our incredible little boy just turned four! I know I have said this a million times and I will say it a million more, but I am so proud of Liam. He is truly amazing and constantly surprises me with his knowledge and maturity. I remember when he was a baby wondering who was going to be and what kind of things he would like?  It is one of the many joys of parenthood to see those personality traits and interests unfold as you watch your child develop who they are.

Liam LOVES school. He is so extraverted that being around his peers energizes him completely. He loves learning, in fact the other day he told me “Call me curious Liam, because I’m always curious.” He uses words like “actually” and “definitely” and his everyday vocabulary, usually with his pointer finger in there air just to place importance on whatever statement he is making. His favorite place to go is target(a boy after my own heart), just to look at the toys. He is very much into Transformers, Monster Trucks, Hotwheel Cars and Ninja Turtles. A few weeks ago we saw the Trolls movie and we have been listening to the soundtrack non stop. He found a dance video on youtubekids for “Can’t stop this feeling” and he likes to go in his room and practice the moves! OMG! Is he 4 or 14?

We decided to celebrate Liam’s birthday a week before Kellan came. I kept asking him if he wanted a party but he said all he wanted to do was go to Chuckee Cheese’s with Kason and have a birthday donut. So that’s just what we did. 2016-11-30_0013 2016-11-30_0014 2016-11-30_0016 2016-11-30_0017 2016-11-30_0015 2016-11-30_0018 I will always remember this face. He loves having happy birthday sung to him. 2016-11-30_0019 2016-11-30_0020 2016-11-30_0021 His birthday celebration at school. I took him to party city the day before to get a few decorations for his actual birthday and he picked out that transformer ribbon on his shirt. He was so excited to show his friends at school and was so proud to wear it. 2016-11-30_0022 2016-11-30_0023 Those little folded hands. Those dimples. 2016-11-30_0024 2016-11-30_0025 2016-11-30_0026 2016-11-30_0027 2016-11-30_0028 2016-11-30_0029 2016-11-30_0030 2016-11-30_0031 2016-11-30_0032 2016-11-30_0033 2016-11-30_0034 2016-11-30_0035 2016-11-30_0036 He wore this birthday crown for 4 days straight. 2016-11-30_0045 2016-11-30_0037 2016-11-30_0038 This cracked me up. Liam M- Playing. Of course. 2016-11-30_0039 We brought Kellan home from the hospital on Liam’s real birthday so we just had our parents and siblings over to celebrate. 2016-11-30_0040 2016-11-30_0041 2016-11-30_0042 We love you so much Liam. May all your wishes come true!2016-11-30_0043 2016-11-30_0044