I love when talks and dreams become a reality, even better when they turn out more special than you had originally planned. This family trip was just that. We have been discussing some quality family time for awhile now and thanks to some group effort and extremely wordy emails we were able to enjoy an adventurous and relaxing family “staycation.”

We had originally planned to head to San Francisco for our family trip but it was just not in the cards. We decided to stay in Colorado and see sites and landmarks most of us had never been to. Or at least couldn’t remember going to.

We started in Colorado Springs at Cave of The Winds. 2015-08-24_0052 2015-08-24_0059 2015-08-24_0053 2015-08-24_0054 2015-08-24_0055 This guy was so well behaved. There were some other little boys in a tour group and they were just awful. Everyone was extremely proud of how well Liam listened and followed the rules. 2015-08-24_0056 2015-08-24_0057 2015-08-24_0058 2015-08-24_0060 2015-08-24_0061 2015-08-24_0062 2015-08-24_0063 Sean’s face.2015-08-24_0064 2015-08-24_0065 2015-08-24_0066 2015-08-24_0067 Lunch at Amanda Fonda’s in Old Colorado City. He loves Salsa as you can see the little remains.2015-08-24_0068 Not going to lie, had a margarita at lunch. I’m a cheap date these days hence the popped out leg. Not really sure why but being slightly buzzed it just felt right. 2015-08-24_0069 2015-08-24_0070 2015-08-24_0071 2015-08-24_0072 2015-08-24_0073 2015-08-24_0074 2015-08-24_0075 2015-08-24_0076 2015-08-24_0077 2015-08-24_0078 2015-08-24_0079 This might have been one of Liam’s most favorite experiences of his little life! 2015-08-24_0080 2015-08-24_0081 2015-08-24_0082 2015-08-24_0083 2015-08-24_0084 2015-08-24_0085 2015-08-24_0086 2015-08-24_0087 2015-08-24_0088 2015-08-24_0089 Gross. 2015-08-24_0090 2015-08-24_0091 2015-08-24_0092 2015-08-24_0093 Even more gross. No kissing for awhile. 2015-08-24_0094 2015-08-24_0095 He was just all smiles the whole time feeding the giraffes. 2015-08-24_0096 2015-08-24_0097 2015-08-24_0098 2015-08-24_0099 2015-08-24_0102 My little monkey.2015-08-24_0103 2015-08-24_0104 2015-08-24_0105 2015-08-24_0106 2015-08-24_0107 2015-08-24_0108 2015-08-24_0109 2015-08-24_0110 2015-08-24_0140 2015-08-24_0111 2015-08-24_0112 2015-08-24_0113 Saggy Baggy Elephant2015-08-24_0100 Gosh he has Ryan’s chin exactly. I love it.2015-08-24_0114 Loved the wallaby exhibit where they are just free to roam around you! Such a neat hands on Zoo. 2015-08-24_0115 2015-08-24_0116 2015-08-24_0117 Baby Wallaby2015-08-24_0118 2015-08-24_0119 2015-08-24_0120 2015-08-24_0101 2015-08-24_0122 2015-08-24_0121

Oh MY!2015-08-24_0123 2015-08-24_0124 2015-08-24_0125 Ok please ignore the fact that Liam’s shirt/shirts are becoming belly shirts. The kid is growing like crazy. I’m usually so on top of his clothes but trying to hold out till fall! 2015-08-24_0126 2015-08-24_0127 The lady who took this cut mike out accidentally. But still had to share. 2015-08-24_0138 Being around them you can’t help but laugh.2015-08-24_0139 2015-08-24_0128 2015-08-24_0129 2015-08-24_0130 2015-08-24_0131 2015-08-24_0132 2015-08-24_0137 2015-08-24_0135 2015-08-24_0133 2015-08-24_0134 At the end of the day my allergies came on so abruptly I could not control the sneezing and sniffles. We were waiting for Mike, Sean and Erin to come out of the Ape exhibit. Ryan said he didn’t want to see the gorillas because all they do is sit there and flip you off. We about died when they came out with the picture below. 2015-08-24_0136