Saturday was by far the most relaxing day I have had in months and I think I can speak for everyone on that.

We rented this cabin from Airbnb and it was absolutely wonderful! The most amazing views and extremely remote. 2015-08-24_0141 2015-08-24_0142 2015-08-24_0143 2015-08-24_0144 2015-08-24_0145 Ventured out on a little hike around the property.2015-08-24_0146 2015-08-24_0147 2015-08-24_0148 2015-08-24_0149 2015-08-24_0150 2015-08-24_0151 2015-08-24_0152 2015-08-24_0153 My main squeeze.2015-08-24_0154 2015-08-24_0155 2015-08-24_0161 2015-08-24_0156 Liam loved that he found a tree that he was taller than. 2015-08-24_0157 Thumbs up!2015-08-24_0158 2015-08-24_0159 2015-08-24_0160 Can we just all agree that she is just the best aunt to ever live? So blessed to have her!2015-08-24_0162 Naps. For everyone. It was perfect.2015-08-24_0163 2015-08-24_0164 2015-08-24_0165 Debbye knew that we were going to celebrate her birthday over the weekend but she didnt know how or when! It was actually Liam’s idea that we get all of the necessary decorations to throw a birthday party for her. He told us everything we needed to buy. Mike, Sean and Kort were able to distract her long enough outside while we decorated! 2015-08-24_0166 2015-08-24_0167 Love the pure surprise when she walked back in! 2015-08-24_0168 2015-08-24_0169 2015-08-24_01702015-08-24_01722015-08-24_0171 2015-08-24_0173 What’s a party without mustache’s?2015-08-24_0174 2015-08-24_0175 2015-08-24_0176 2015-08-24_0177 Let’s remember that it was 2015 k fam. 2015-08-24_0201There were not enough mustaches to go around the first time.
2015-08-24_0178 2015-08-24_0179 A beautiful storm/sunset rolled in and we went on the deck to watch. 2015-08-24_0180 2015-08-24_0181 2015-08-24_0182 2015-08-24_0183 2015-08-24_0184 2015-08-24_0185 2015-08-24_0186 My favorite photos of them! 2015-08-24_0187 2015-08-24_0188 2015-08-24_0189 2015-08-24_0190 2015-08-24_0192This was majestic.
2015-08-24_0193 2015-08-24_0194 2015-08-24_0195 2015-08-24_0196 2015-08-24_0197 2015-08-24_0198 2015-08-24_0199 2015-08-24_0200 2015-08-24_0202

We spent the rest of evening laughing and playing a non competitive game of dominoes (Sean cheats)