GAH we had so much fun having our Easter celebration with boys today at school. Teaching the boys about Jesus is the most important thing to us! We read about what Jesus did for us and why we celebrate easter. Ashley has the Orange curriculum that our church is using for our children’s ministry, so we used that as our lesson today. Then we made a special “resurrection” snack you can find the recipe here. This was a great way to visually demonstrate Jesus’s body no longer being in the tomb as the marshmallow disappears after you bake the rolls. Liam thought it was awesome and kept looking for the marshmallow, determined to find it.

We did do a practice run easter egg hunt and it was hilarious. Liam was a little rusty being that last year on easter he wasn’t even a year and half but he got the hang of it quickly. Kason picked up the first egg and started to rub it on his lips like EOS chapstick…Ashley and I almost died laughing! He then caught on as soon as he watched Liam find a few eggs. It was incredibly cute and I’m just so grateful we GET to do these special things with these two precious boys!

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FYI He is giving not taking 😉2015-04-02_00472015-04-02_00482015-04-02_00492015-04-02_0050