It has been such an amazing experience to teach these boys together. Ashley and I have had a blast coming up with lesson plans, activities and field trips. We fully intend to put them in public school once they are old enough but for now…we are their first teachers. At the beginning of our school year it was tough to get them to sit down and listen to a story or sing a song. Slowly but surely, as we established a routine, they progressed wonderfully. They now look forward to our school days and get so much out of them.


Here are some photos after we wrapped up our dino unit and took a field trip to the museum. 2015-03-09_0096 2015-03-09_0097 2015-03-09_0098 2015-03-09_0099 2015-03-09_0100 2015-03-09_0101 2015-03-09_0102 2015-03-09_0103 2015-03-09_0104 2015-03-09_0105 2015-03-09_0106 2015-03-09_0107 2015-03-09_0108 2015-03-09_0109 2015-03-09_0110 2015-03-09_0111 2015-03-09_0112 2015-03-09_0113 2015-03-09_0114 2015-03-09_0115 2015-03-09_0116