One year ago, our life changed for the absolute better.

I remember taking this picture and being so scared and so happy all at the same time (Liam was a slight surprise). I went on a walk after I took this and just prayed that God would prepare me to be everything that little baby needed. I walked around our neighborhood for an hour probably looking like a lunatic crying, laughing and talking to myself.  I can’t believe it has already been a year. I never ever could have imagined this great love I have for him. I couldn’t fathom how much I would love sharing parenthood with my husband, who by the way all, is one excellent Daddy. Wow, can’t even imgaine what life will look like in a year from now. Not sure if I want to. I love every day I get with him now!!




p.s .I took a picture of those blooms on that walk that day. Just felt symbolic somehow.