If you follow my home renovation board on Pinterest, you might be wondering what the heck is she thinking? We have kind of been all over the place deciding the “style” of this house. We originally set out with strictly modern in mind. However, we have slowly moved in a more industrial type of feel with some mid mod eclectic touches. When we renovated our townhome our sole purpose was to keep everything neutral and well, plain. We knew that it was as investment property and we were remodeling with resale in mind. I was 20 when we moved in and really only knew that furniture came from American Furniture Warehouse the decor needed to feel like a warm coffee house. Yeaaaahhh…..

Plus there was no pinterest, houzz, and awesome design blogs. What a sad and less inspiring time in internet history!

This time around I told Ryan that I would like to take some risks and really figure out our personal style. I’m definitely not quirky or creative enough to come up with something super trendy but I have thoroughly enjoyed scouring the internet for design ideas. There are some truly brilliant people out there and I have discovered I enjoy many types of design styles.

It can be so overwhelming trying to design so many rooms at one time. Most people do one at a time. We have to think ahead to properly place fixtures and coordinate future installments. I am getting kind of sick of looking at light fixtures. Do you know how many awesome light fixtures are out there right now? Answer: like a million. So many choices, it gets a bit daunting.

We are hopefully about 4 weeks out from move in and things are starting to come together. Almost time to start painting which I think will help make some more decisions final. In the past, I have made quick decisions on furniture and decor choices and this time around I really want us to research before we buy. We will probably do one room at a time which will take some time but give us less headaches!

Will be posting a house update early next week!