Project House. Part 2

Making Progress!

Demolition is almost completely done! This makes me happy because its so much easier to see how nice things are going to look when you start putting everything back together. Here is everything that got accomplished last week. 2014-02-10_0001

Mike built a shelf with lights in it on that boring flat wall! Gives it so much more dimension. So excited to decorate that thing! The lights help make that high space a lot brighter as well. We put it on a dimmer in case we want it to get romantic 😉

2014-02-10_0002 Ryan went over pretty much every night after work this week to keep demo moving a long. Here is the uppers gone in the Kitchen. They obviously did not feel it was necessary to paint that section haha! 2014-02-10_0003

This was the hall closet. We split it in half to make storage space on the other side in the main bath. I intend to use it as an arts and craft closet!


Here is the other side in the bathroom. We are putting a cabinet in at the bottom and open shelving on top.


Ryan worked really hard and got the whole kitchen out after work. Of course the homeowners were glue happy with the tile so Mike had to make a billion patches!


Sweet sweet Aunt Kelly came down to put a very strong smelling latex Killz on the floors in the bedrooms. These people had cats that pissed everywhere…it smelled horrible in there!


You can also see where Ryan scraped the walls and ceilings. We will be doing some retexturing throughout that house. Looked like a bunch of drywall nubs everywhere.


Onto ripping out the master bathroom. This is how Ryan and I spent our Friday night!


Because these people didn’t know what they were doing…everything in this bathroom was rotted. SOOOOOOO gross!


So watching glass shatter all over your husband is terrifying let me tell you! Ryan went to take the glass out and it just busted into a million pieces. Cut him up pretty good.

2014-02-10_0013 2014-02-10_0014 2014-02-10_0015

He just said it made him look bad ass and got back to work. (I do the cleaning up by the way…I’m not completely worthless in this whole process. With a mask and work gloves of course.)

Taking off all of this stupid tile already made it seem so much bigger. We picked out a beautiful modern tile that will be going in here with a patterned tile in lay and glass doors!

2014-02-10_0016 2014-02-10_0017

After taking the disgusting ceiling tile down we discovered who we think is responsible for this damage. His name is Jeff Land, he is the balls.

We made/ still are making Jeff Land jokes.

One of these two by fours later came down and cracked Ryan right in the nose. He has a nice little cut across the bridge of his nose now. That bathroom kind of kicked his butt that night.

2014-02-10_0018 2014-02-10_0019

We got everything ripped out that night except the bathroom floor…still need a working toilet 🙂


On Saturday, Ryan ripped the soffit out that was above the previous cabinets so we can put in 42 in. uppers. He also pulled down all of the hideous ceiling fans in the bedrooms but I didn’t get a pic.


After researching the best way to clean mold from wood we ended up using vinegar because it cleans and  absorbs in to more porous materials like the wooden beams that were below the subfloor. After that Ryan and Mike put a floor back into the main bath! Whoop whoop!

2014-02-10_0022 2014-02-10_0023



Got a new tub!

2014-02-10_0026 2014-02-10_0027

Glue happy Jeff also glued the mirror to the wall…just awesome. This is what it looked like after being taken down!


We need to take out a portion of the ceiling in this bathroom and re-drywall it but other than this whole bathroom is almost ready for mudding, texture, tile and paint! Yay!

On a positive note, while unloading materials into the house Ryan witnessed a car hitting our neighbors parked car. She of course took off but he was able to get her license plate number. Lets just say that got us in real good with our neighbors…very appreciative! Way to go babe!

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