Mike has had so much electrical and plumbing to do, it has been crazy! We actually have an electrician coming on Monday to install a brand new electrical panel because ours for some reason does not have a main breaker switch.


We spent our Valentine’s evening picking out tile!!


We are going with the top marble tile for our fireplace and a different marble (not pictured) for the hearth.


This guy is a great sweeper.

2014-02-25_0046 2014-02-25_0047

Fireplace and entertainment center is all mudded and ready for texture!

2014-02-25_0048 2014-02-25_0049

In fact, Mike has worked his shoulder off (pun intended) mudding this place!!!


Ryan really wants a coffered ceiling in our bedroom….so we’re getting one.

2014-02-25_0051 2014-02-25_0052 2014-02-25_0053 2014-02-25_0054

In order to do that we have to cut the trusses and reframe. Big job!


Next big job is the skylights that we are putting in the living room. Because of our neighbors trees and our covered patio our living room does not have much natural light, we decided to put in the skylights to brighten it up!

2014-02-27_0001 2014-02-27_0002 2014-02-27_0003 2014-02-27_0004We also got The Nest!! So excited about this thing….controlling the thermostat from our phones, yes please. It even begins to learn your behaviors and programs itself!

Today, we have the guy coming to give us a bid on a new air conditioner. They had a swamp cooler before but we took that thing out. We lived in our town home for 4 and 1/2 years without air conditioning….not happening again!

We have our tile, base, doors, paint, carpet, bathroom vanities, faucets, tub and shower fixtures, and kitchen cabinets picked out.

Still on the list:

light fixtures, kitchen sink and faucet, kitchen counter tops, butcher block for our island, door handles, window shades, and stain for our hardwood floors.

Think it’s safe to say we are halfway done!