Project House Part 4.


Skylights cut! See that little t.v. in the corner..that thing plays VHS’s. Awesome! 2014-03-12_0002

It was actually a good thing we decided to do the raised ceiling..found some trusses that were not as stable as they should be. Tightened those bad boys right up!

2014-03-12_0003 2014-03-12_0004 2014-03-12_0005

Let there be light!!! Glorious light!!

2014-03-12_0006 2014-03-12_0007 2014-03-12_0008 2014-03-12_0009 2014-03-12_0010

Air conditioning, check! Whew! We wont die this summer! Eventually when we get to the back yard I want to build something around this thing so its not such an eye sore!


Ceiling raised, drywalled and mudded!


Family vacuum intervention.


Made a little Ikea trip with Erin and Dan. Dan let Ryan drive his giant truck for some reason. Ryan did very well I was impressed!


Mike removed the cinderblock floor holding this thing together and installed new flooring. We will be adding some more wood flooring to the hearth to make it the same distance as the outer walls.


Mike and Ryan have been working so hard to sand all of the walls and ceilings. This is how he came home the other night!


Someone cough cough* Jeff Land cough cough* did not think it was necessary to complete the hardwood flooring underneath the previous island or counter tops. Our floor guy will be filling these in and sanding the floors down so they are all the same height. 2014-03-12_0017 2014-03-12_0018

Patched! They are at the house sanding today…time to pick out the stain! WHOO!


Installed some recessed lighting in Liam’s bathroom. After this bathroom is textured we can start tiling.

Almost time to see every thing start to come together. We are shooting for a move in date of April 4th. But we will see! Still have a few things to order that might push that back a bit.

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  1. Kortnee

    umm, can we talk about the moon and the plane in that Ikea shot?! well done, professional.

  2. Can’t wait to see the finished pics. It is looking fabulous.

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