Project House. Part 5

2014-03-25_0001 2014-03-25_0002

The floor guys came and filled the kitchen and the fireplace hearth. They sanded dow the kitchen floor so that one we paint we can put the kitchen cabinets in.


Getting ready to texture


Our room textured and primed!


Guest Room and Liam’s room textured.

2014-03-25_0006 2014-03-25_0007

More muddin and sandin

2014-03-25_0008 2014-03-25_0009

We are going with the far right stain, Dark Walnut.

2014-03-25_0010 2014-03-25_0011 2014-03-25_0012

Dining Room Textured

2014-03-25_0013 2014-03-25_0014 2014-03-25_0015 2014-03-25_0016 2014-03-25_0017

Feels so refreshing to have everything bright white in these rooms.

2014-03-25_0018 2014-03-25_0019 2014-03-25_0020 2014-03-25_0021

Tile going into Liam’s bathroom.

2014-03-25_0022 2014-03-25_0023 2014-03-25_0024

So excited about our doors!!!


Getting ready to texture the living room.


Liam’s room will stay white but that back wall will have a Juniper geometric accent wall.


Keeping guest room white for now.

2014-03-25_0028So had our first home renovator fail. We had originally decided on Benjamin Moore “Revere Pewter” for the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Hallway and our bedroom. But when I started to put it in our room it looked a lot more beige/brown than gray. Turns out the sample we had on the wall looks way different. Think it has something to do with the light exposure in our house. Or, our house has some crazy paint vortex. Either way.

Long story short we are selling 10 gallons of Revere Pewter if you are interested!  

So we are back at it with the grays.

From Left to Right

1. Harbor Gray 2. Gray Owl 3. Silver Chain

Picking the right gray has been the hardest! They can pull a blue, purple, green, or brown tint very easily so it has been incredibly difficult. Last night I have even had a dream about GRAYS!! It’s going to make me go gray here soon!

The Harbor Gray and Silver Chain look very similar and I liked them both but think they are too dark for our space. We are going to go with Gray Owl.

Let’s try this again.

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  1. Kortnee

    that middle one is my favorite! good call. 🙂 can’t wait to see it!

  2. Painting all of my trim, cabinets and doors grey. The toughest color to pick!! Hubby is at the store bringing home your final choices. Painters will be here in two days, so I MUST CHOOSE! Thank you for your advise and pictures. It will have to be one of your final three. SO EXCITED!!!!

  3. We are currently battling between Grey Owl and Moonshine.
    Grey is so difficult!

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