Hi all, I’m writing this blog post from our office in our NEW HOUSE!!!!!! However I haven’t taken final pictures yet because we are still trying to put everything away. This post is the the from the week and half before we moved in. We are still working on the master bathroom and fireplace. We also need to paint the bedroom doors and put the handles on. So not completely done but almost there!

I thought we would be really excited to see all of our stuff again, but bringing it in here we started to get really overwhelmed. Living with only a month’s worth of necessities for 6 months made us realize how much crap you really do not need. We are having a major purge fest and will be selling/donating a lot of our belongings.

This house has consumed our lives for the past 4 months so we are so excited to come back to reality and to be social again! I will try to get final pics up soon.

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