I cannot tell you how excited we were for this trip! The past year has just been so hard we were in desperate need for a vacation!!!! We were so blessed to have my mom join us for Kellan’s first McCarthy family adventure.  The boys did sooooo good on the flight! Except for Liam mom shaming another mom who had screaming baby! Yikes!
We arrived at night time so we were pleasantly surprised to wake up in paradise. I’m not lying when say everywhere you looked, it was just pure beauty. We ate brunch at this quaint little cafe. Looking like a teenager! Stairway to heaven. Beach in Carlsbad. OK….so this baby did not love his first beach experience. He was tired…the water was cold…he hated his hat. First and only Kellan meltdown of the trip.  Liam on the other hand, had the time of his life.  We got a vacation date night!  Sunset cliffs. Majestic.  We ate down in Little Italy! You cant see it in this photo because there was fog…but we could see the ocean from our patio.  Ready for the Zoo! Those fat little fingers. I love them. Loved holding the map. One of my all time fave photos of K.  The weather was perfect!!! 73 degrees all day!  Looking for Lizards! Liam reminds me a lot of myself as an older sibling. If you look at photos of me and Jon growing up I was always holding him or had my hand on him. Liam is the exact same way…he is such an amazing big brother.  Pool time! Kellan’s first swim!!! He did great!  Ryan + In and Out. Ok so we are crazy and drove all the way to downtown Disney after going to the zoo and going swimming that same day. Worth it.I mean…for the churros alone.