AHHH I was so excited to see our boy in a soccer uniform. He just makes my heart skip a beat. He was so excited that first day.

Liam started the season a little unsure of himself. This was the first team sport he had ever participated in. In fact the first game he kept yelling from the field that he was hungry. The second game he became very frustrated with himself when he was unable to get the ball and even shed a few tears. After a good heart to heart with us he was ready by the third game. He scored his first goal and will never forget the look on his face when he turned straight to us after scoring with the biggest smile ever! Everyone was cheering! Every week he advanced like crazy! Oh my gosh, just thinking about it makes me so proud. I love love love watching him play.

I’m so glad we did i9 sports first. It was a great introductory to soccer and playing on a team. I asked him if he wanted to continue playing and he said “Yeah I love soccer!” I have signed him up for Storm in the fall so we are looking forward to that!