Well, coming home on oxygen has been an adjustment. Kellan has been pretty patient with these tubes, I on the hand feel extremely restricted. Between the tubes and the tanks, it’s not what I envisioned for our first weeks home with our baby. BUT this is how it is and this is how my baby is going to get better to press on we will! 2016-12-08_0001 2016-12-08_0002 2016-12-08_0003 2016-12-08_0004 2016-12-08_0005 2016-12-08_0006 2016-12-08_0007 2016-12-08_0008 2016-12-08_0009 First bath. Still not loving it! 2016-12-08_0010 2016-12-08_0011 2016-12-08_0012 These itty bitty toes. He is such a little peanut…especially compared to Liam.2016-12-08_0013 When he is awake he is so alert!!2016-12-08_0014 2016-12-08_0015 Gosh I could just eat him. 2016-12-08_0016 Two weeks old!
2016-12-08_0017 2016-12-08_0018 The most perfect little present. 2016-12-08_0019 The way he loves his brother makes my heart burst! Liam is THE BEST!2016-12-08_0020 2016-12-08_0021 2016-12-08_0022 2016-12-08_0023 2016-12-08_0024 2016-12-08_0025

Liam’s photography.2016-12-08_0026 OH this sweet little boy. I love him so much!2016-12-08_0027 2016-12-08_0028 Sleepy starfish. 2016-12-08_0029 2016-12-08_0030