Back in January we decided to go explore The Wildlife Animal Sanctuary. We had heard so many great things and knew Liam, being the lover of animals he is, would love it. It was a bit chilly but we bundled up and had one of the best days!

The sanctuary has 720 acres for these rescued wild animals to roam freely. Animals include, tigers, bear, lions, mountain lions, foxes, and wolves.2015-03-09_0055 We are in this in between stage with the stroller…Liam mostly walks everywhere we go…but it is nice to carry around our stuff! 2015-03-09_0056 When the animals first arrive, they are put into pens like this to be adapted and rehabilitated. Once stable they are intermingled with animals of their species. 2015-03-09_0057 2015-03-09_0058 2015-03-09_0059 2015-03-09_0060 2015-03-09_0061 2015-03-09_0062 2015-03-09_0063 2015-03-09_0064 2015-03-09_0065 Gosh this kid!2015-03-09_0066 2015-03-09_0067 2015-03-09_0068 2015-03-09_0069 2015-03-09_0070 2015-03-09_0071

The giant open spaces were fantastic! It was awesome to watch the Lions running and playing with one another. They were so incredible!
2015-03-09_0072 2015-03-09_0073 2015-03-09_0074 2015-03-09_0075 2015-03-09_0076 2015-03-09_0077 2015-03-09_0078 2015-03-09_0079 2015-03-09_0080 Exploring with them is my most favorite thing to do!2015-03-09_0081 2015-03-09_0082 2015-03-09_0083

At the end of the bridge there is a place where you can get drinks and snacks. On either side are open cages down below to observe Lions. A female Lion was roaring like crazy while we were in there and I love Liam’s expressions while he was imitating her.

This place is so wonderful! Such a neat experience and so refreshing to see these wild animals running and playing instead of miserably trapped in a small enclosure. Don’t get me wrong I love the zoo, but I highly recommend making this place a great day trip! Bring your binoculars and a zoom lens!!