Liam walks a fine line when it comes to getting messy. Sometimes he doesn’t mind it and sometimes he wants to be wiped down right away.

We have started practicing The Alphabet. We sing it everyday and he clearly gets to E. I mentioned to Ashley that I trace letters with his finger over letters in our Eric Carle Alphabet Book. She told me at Primrose, they would have the kids make letters with their fingers in sand.


Pulled out the flour and a baking sheet. Warning this can get messy so do it somewhere you feel comfortable having flour fly everywhere.

He LOVED this! We spelled his name and even made some shapes. He is recognizing his name if he sees it spelled somewhere. I also made up a song to spell it out loud to the tune of “Where is Thumbkin?” I tried to keep this structured for 5 minutes and then I let him just play in the flour. He loved squishing it between his finger and clapping which made the dust for everywhere! The photos below are just him playing….no way I could hold the camera and help him trace at the same time!

Probably could have used a little less flour FYI

2014-07-09_0002 2014-07-09_0003 2014-07-09_0004 2014-07-09_0005 2014-07-09_0006 2014-07-09_0007 2014-07-09_0008

I love this face he makes when he is really concentrating. Such a studious and curious boy. ^^

When we were little, I vividly remember my mom giving us bowls of flour and water to play with on the back porch. So, I stripped him down and we did just that.


When I gave him the wisk he yelled “PANCAKES!” He has been helping me cook. I was so proud he associated the two together!


His DIMPLE!!<3 <3

2014-07-09_0011 2014-07-09_0012 2014-07-09_0013Such a cheap and easy summer sensory activity. Kids love to explore with their hands and make messes!

Afterwards I just hosed down the porch……and Liam!