Someone asked me my age a few months ago and I responded confidently by saying “24” Ryan leaned over and whispered “You’re not 24.” Whoops. Well I feel 24, but I’m not. Today I turn 28.

Don’t really feel anything about it other than it sounds close to thirty. But from what I have been observing, I see women everywhere feeling prime in their thirties. Hell, even forties and beyond. Age is just a number right?!?

This is my golden pregnancy birthday. Is that a thing? It is now. I’m also 28 weeks pregnant this week. Third trimester!!!! Whoo! I had my check up this week and Kellan is looking good. Competition is already starting. Trying to keep up with the size of his big brother. He is already measuring two weeks ahead. At this point with Liam he was measuring at 32 weeks, Kellan is at  30. So if you look at me from now on and think to yourself “Daaaaaang…. that girl has a belly on her” you’re not mistaken. I grow massive babies. I have accepted and embraced it.

Over the past few weeks I have started getting braxton hicks. The first few days they were really intense. Like knock the wind out of me, had to sit down, instant head rush kind. Then last week I was feeling really uncomfortable and when Ryan came home he was like ” Dionna, you don’t look pregnant!” Kellan had flipped sideways and was laying in between my rib cage. My stomach looked almost flat. It was the weirdest most uncomfortable thing. Thank God that just lasted for one night and then flipped back to being head down…I think. Liam did something similar to this at the exact same time….you can read about it here.

It’s been really hard to enjoy being pregnant this time around, but Ryan and I discussed earlier this week how much we want to soak it up in case this is the last time I will be pregnant. I think that has helped shift my attitude looking forward to this last trimester. I want to remember how it feels to have life dance in my womb, how adorable it is to watch Liam talk to my belly with that sweet little voice and how much I love Ryan placing his hands on him every night.

I’m going to be honest that I have felt much better on the outside than I did with Liam. I got soooooo swollen when I was pregnant with Liam so early on that I just constantly felt like the marshmallow woman. Also, I had no clue how to dress this changing body last time and I just always felt frumpy. I have made more of an effort to not do that this time and it really has helped me feel better about myself. Vain to say some might think, but when you grow babies as big as I do, you need a little pick me up any way you can get it!

So I probably have enough maternity photos to last me a lifetime but I just love how these turned out. Just me and my boy. I jumped at the opportunity when Vanessa asked me to exchange photos with her. She is also pregnant with a boy and due four weeks after me. We hired a make up artist and played dress up at The Denver Photo Collective. So fun!

Here is to another year. Looking forward to all that is in store.

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