Had our first little scare with Liam this week and thankfully everything is ok! On Tuesday I went out to Park Meadows to try and find somethings for our maternity session next week (EEEK) and while walking around I noticed my back hurt a little more than the normal aches I get! Also, it felt like Liam was really low. Once I got home I was really tired and got a little headache. I ate dinner and went and laid in bed. Ryan had to work very late that night so it was just Huxley and I when all of a sudden it felt like Liam dropped very very low. Concerning low. He was kicking and moving like crazy and I thought after a short while he would reposition himself and move back up and hopefully stop kicking so hard. But, he didn’t! It went on for an hour before Ryan came home, by then it was already 11:30 and it felt like my pubic bone was bruised! He finally calmed down around 12:30 am and I was able to fall asleep, hoping that by morning he would move back up. Though Wednesday morning came and he was still very low. I decided to call the doctor and they had me go right in. They gave me a fetal fibronectin test which determines whether or not your body is producing a labor inducing hormone and a physical exam.  My cervix was still closed but the little guy had for sure wiggled his way pretty far down. Since I wasn’t having any other preterm labor sympotoms they sent me home and told me to keep my feet up all day.

Thank the good Lord, they called me this morning and told me that the test came back negative so no worries he is probably just repositioning himself. Which he has moved back up since then!

That means I am good to head to the McCarthy Cabin this weekend with the fam! So excited!! But plan on taking it very easy 🙂

As for the picture. That is me today, 27 weeks pregnant, in what used to be our office and what will soon be our son’s room. Started taking office things down and cant wait to start putting nursery things up in the coming weeks!