So excited to start sharing these photos and updates from our new home renovation. There are so many plans and decisions to be made, it can get a bit overwhelming. To start out, we are completely remodeling the main floor. The basement is unfinished so that will be a future project. The back yard will also be a fun adventure to tackle eventually.

I took these first few photos the day of our inspection. I’m so so so sorry if the previous homeowners ever come across this blog because I don’t have the nicest things to say about this home and the condition that we bought it in. The major pro of this home is that it has good bones and a great lot. That being said, we like to call it a homeowners special. These homeowners thought they were handy, they were majorly wrong. Also, the house was disgusting. I don’t think it was cleaned often (ever?)2014-02-05_0049 2014-02-05_0050 2014-02-05_0051 2014-02-05_0052 2014-02-05_0053 2014-02-05_0054 2014-02-05_0055 2014-02-05_0056 2014-02-05_0057 2014-02-05_0058 2014-02-05_0059 2014-02-05_0060 2014-02-05_0061 2014-02-05_0062 2014-02-05_0063


We began demolition they day we bought it!! We started by ripping out the carpet in the bedrooms. 2014-02-05_0068

Next, the two awkward posts over the kitchen island came down. We don’t really know why they were there. They weren’t load bearing so our best guess is, electrical?


Debbye and I cleaned the basement, which meant taking a shop vac to every single rafter to suck up thousands of spiders webs! Sick!


We will be putting a modern banister and railing so that boring half a wall had to come down. Mike also made a sofit for a light heading into the basement.


Liam loves watching Grandpa work. Don’t worry we are making sure he is safe!


I cannot wait to get rid of these red walls!!!!!!


Ryan started demolition in the bathroom. Whoever did this tile work didnt user backer board and tiled straight to the wall. SO bye bye walls!!!

2014-02-05_0070 2014-02-05_0071 2014-02-05_0072 2014-02-05_0073

Ryan managed to get the tile off the floor but a patch had to go from water damage and the start of mold.


2014-02-05_0076 2014-02-05_0079

The living room is an awkward long rectangular room so we wanted a way to center it. I also didn’t want to hang the tv above the fireplace so we came up with the idea of a unified mantle and entertainment area. 2014-02-05_0074 2014-02-05_00752014-02-05_0080


We originally did not plan on redoing the kitchen but it is done so badly that it just has to go. We are installing white shaker cabinets with some open shelving. Also planning on moving the sink to an oversized island with a hang over for stools!


Trying to find the perfect gray for the walls….we are leaning towards the far left, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. What do you think?


So excited for all the progress that we have made so far, but still a lot yet to do!